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Schezwan Fried Rice
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Schewzan Fried Rice

Schewzan Fried Rice is another Indo-Chinese recipe which is made by blending rice with a famous schezwan sauce. It is a quite popular & most ordered recipe at the restaurants. The unique aroma in the Schezwan Fried Rice comes from the Sichuan peppers which in an integral part of Schezwan sauce. The Schezwan Fried rice …

Image of Chili Chicken
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Chili Chicken

Chili chicken is a popular Indo-Chinese dish of chicken. In India, this may include a variety of dry chicken preparations. Though mainly boneless chicken is used in this dish, some people also use chicken with bone too. Chilli chicken has a mix flavour with a slight taste of sweet, spicy and sour. It is a very popular crispy appetizer made …