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Monaco with Healthy Toppings | Monaco Biscuit Snack

Monaco With Healthy Toppings

Monaco Biscuit Snack – also known as Monaco With Healthy Toppings. There is no wonder in saying that it is one of the most lovable recipe among kids. Not only kids, but mostly all of us. Monaco Biscuit Toppings are quick, tangy, tasty food and perfect for party snacks. It is relaxing and healthy snacks that no one can ignore, especially kids.

If you want to eat some fresh, healthy, tangy and delicious food. I must say this is the perfect snack that you can make very quickly. Though you are tired, you are going to enjoy making Monaco Biscuit Snack. Because you can make by your own innovations. You can create toppings of your choice and with your biscuit Snack ideas. So, you also feel relax while preparing it.

This is best finger food, I have ever found so easy, tempting and quick. They look so appealing, and extremely light to eat. If you are planning some kids’ party or lady’s kitty party, then this recipe makes you star of your party. Kids will love this recipe, as they can bite while playing, and no need to find place to sit while eating.

Kids Special Monaco Biscuit Snack

Monaco Biscuit with Healthy Toppings is an easy to make recipe and kids love it too much, it’s a favourite of my kids too! Monaco biscuit snack are very popular tea time snacks and this recipe brings a different flavour of Monaco biscuits which can be enjoyed by all.

The kids always demand for something different to eat, it’s a big challenge for mothers to keep experimenting and come up with new recipes for kids to enjoy. Monaco with healthy toppings is one of those recipes which is a result of an experimentation and my kids love it so much that they started to prepare it by their own.

You can serve it with any soft drink or mocktail. I prepared this recipe with finely chopped vegetable for topping. For kids, this is very interesting recipe. They involve making this recipe, and creating with their ideas.

Here, I am sharing this easy to make & quick recipe which you can prepare for everyone at home or engage kids in preparing it as I did! Kids really love if you ask them to help, especially something which is outside of their monotonous routine.

This Recipe is made by my Cute little Angle, She want to make some thing for me and her family .

I am sure you will love to follow along here and prepare this 5 minute party snack recipe which can be enjoyed by all.


  • Monaco Biscuit-1 packet
  • Onion – ½ cup
  • Tomato – ½ cup
  • Zero Sev – ½ cup
  • Chat Masala – 1 tsp
  • Tomato ketchup – 4 tsp
  • Boiled Potato – 2 medium size
  • Red chilli powder – ½ tsp
  • Salt – according to taste 

Instruction for making Monaco Biscuit Snack

  1. Chopped all the vegetables fine.
  2. Take boiled potatoes in bowl add salt and red chilli powder and mixed them, make small tikki of mashed potato masala.
  3. Now take a plate, place Monaco biscuits on it.
  4. Take one one tikkis and place it on Monaco biscuit.
  5. Add onions on tikka, then add bell pepper on it.
  6. Now add tomatoes, add chaat masala on all.
  7. Let’s decorate it with zero sev, add zero sev on all biscuits.
  8. Now add drop of tomato ketchup on all.

    Our Monaco biscuit snack is ready to serve. 

Monaco Biscuit Snack
Monaco with Healthy Toppings

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