About Me ……..


I am Aditi Mathur and I created Indian Recipes Treasure to share delicious, delectable and splendid variety of recipes from the treasure of India.

I am a freelance Digital Marketing professional with an experience in building & implementing digital strategies to transform businesses. I chose to be a Digital Marketer as it brings a new challenge every day and I use my creativity & passion to make digital journey of my customers/businesses to succeed.

Creativity & curiosity combined together make me a good cook as well! I have two young kids at home who always challenges me to make something special in their meals. Believe me it’s a big challenge to live up to their expectations!

“Indian Recipes Treasure” is my small effort to bring & present variety of cuisines from the treasure of India, with its diverse culture and ethnicity there is abundance of food varieties that can be prepared. I am forever seeking the truth about all types of foods out there and the true meaning of a healthy and happy lifestyle. I am not a nutritionist, nor a professional chef, but I don’t believe you need a degree to have knowledge on subjects you are passionate about.

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Thank You!